Did you know that a hamster can climb 2 flights of stairs?  Neither did I until this evening.  I am extremely happy & relieved to report that Pikachu Climber (that’s really what Dylan had named him, who knew how appropriate the last name would be) is back in his (I think it’s a "he") OLD cage – the wire one that I didn’t like because the bedding tended to fall out onto the floor when he pushed it around.  However, bedding on the floor is much preferable than hamster on the floor, when given a choice.  If only he knew – by escaping, he gave up the funky plastic condo and moved back to the starter wire cage home.  (insert victorious/vindictive "HA" here)  OK off to get some sleep now!!  (Obviously didn’t get much work done tonight…promise to post some creative stuff over the weekend….)

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