Lots of light fluffy stuff dropped onto Burlington today…so our afternoon & evening events were cancelled – Dylan’s piano lesson, my choir practice…  Had a good mail day – received my new Paper Crafts & Simple Scrapbooks magazines.  I’ve decided I should have a creative mantra (as Ali Edwards advocates!) – she calls it a Personal Creative Manifesto.  Mine should be…I will "Just do it" and not just read about it!!  I love all the creativity I see in the mags and find it inspiring, but as many of you will know….I haven’t got a lot to show for it.  Well, I do have cards etc from classes that I’m doing….but also have a pile of photos just waiting to be scrapped!  (Disneyworld, how "scrappable" is that?!)  So.  I’m going to set aside some time each week to just "play" with all my stamping tools and see what happens!!  I’ve put it out into cyberspace, so there it is.  Now I’m off to do some creative paper work – have some cards I need to come up with, personally and professionally.  I’ll try to post the results later!

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