Long_notes_doodle_alpha_number_cardA short while ago, I participated in a swap with my upline’s group.  We were to use a particular set from the spring mini.  I had volunteered for a particular set, but switched (after a suggestion from my upline, Sue ) to the doodle alpha & doodle number sets, so that we could get better "coverage" of the assortment of (fantastic!) sets in the spring mini and thus more ideas.  Can I just say…..when you’re doing cards, sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge to stick to letters & numbers??!!!!  So thus was my task.  Lucky for me, the doodle number set also includes a couple of….doodles (?!) so I did have some images to work with.  The heart with wings became a focal image, and the letters "x" and "o" fulfilled my "alphabet" requirement.  *phew*!! LOL.  I’ll be posting more of the swap cards into the spring mini photo album as I get the chance.   (maybe after I watch tonight’s "Survivor" show which I’m currently taping (well, PVRing)…I hope…I’m such a non-techno type sometimes- why do they move shows around to different nights?  Just to confuse me?!)

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