I was tagged by my friend Eleonor and apparently this means I have to list 7 random things about me.  (probably more than you wanted to know!)
1) In my teens, I was a member of the Burlington Teen Tour Band – a city marching band that travelled to many places.  The highlight during my years with the band was a trip to Europe to help commemorate D-Day plus 40.  There’s a reunion to commemorate 60 years of the BTTB this June.  I still have to complete my registration to participate in this!
2) I have bungy jumped off the bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand.
3) I have essentially no ligaments left in my ankles, thanks to my days in gymnastics.  (Obviously I wasn’t _that_ good!!!)  Too many sprained ankles.
4) My mother got me hooked on "Survivor" and I’ve been watching every season since the first!
5) I don’t watch any movies of true substance (I get to see animated flicks with my son, or watch light fluffy things on my own). Or at least, very few.  I have enough stress in my life already.
6) Same goes for books
7) I don’t usually respond to email forwards or blog games of tag!!!  LOL.
I’m also supposed to tag 7 people whose blogs I read.  Unfortunately, these people have also been tagged (some of them multiple times) already!!! LOL. 

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