Yes, my demo copy of the fall-winter collection ’07 has arrived!!  In true "typical me" fashion, however…there was drama associated with its arrival.  News was flitting about that other demos were starting to get their copies, so I was anxiously stalking my super mailbox (you know, that red thing on legs, the mailbox condo).  Anyway…. checked it twice yesterday, absolutely nothing in it.  Not even junk mail.  Hmmm  Has the postie gone on vacation??   Checked it today….three times….(just wanted to be sure I hadn’t just missed the drop)….nothing.  Trust me, it’s not that big a box, and I stuck my entire arm in there just to be sure.  (I’m sure the neighbours were starting to talk).  *sigh*  Very disappointing.  Hearing that demos in Toronto & Hamilton had their copies, I started to sulk.  (and I wonder where my son gets it from, right?).

Anyway.  After the school pickup and music lesson run, we return home.  On a whim, I peek into the mailbox at my front door (the one that only collects flyers and the Burlington Post newspaper).  WHAT??!!! IT’S CRAMMED FULL OF MAIL!!!  And…..guess what’s on top?!  MY CATALOGUE!!!! Happy Happy Happy day 🙂   I must have heard it calling me, don’t know what caused me to look.  (OK, I do know.  Desperation).

Finished D’s bug costume for the Grade I bug jamboree (I kid you not), and grab the catty to sit at soccer and look through it.  Oh, and I did occasionally look up & cheer the team on 😉

Still waiting for my boxes (that’s right, plural) of customer catalogues to arrive….should be here in time for my open house & rubber garage sale Saturday July 7th.  10 am start.  See you then!!!

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