This is from week 11 of my 12 weeks of Christmas emails this year – I thought I'd share it here if you still have some packaging needs for tomorrow!!
beginning bag  redecorated bag
I know I can't be the only one that hangs on to the "nice" bags that I sometimes get from stores.  This is a heavy duty paper bag with cord handles.  I simply covered up the logo with this 3D tree I made, and also covered up the inside logos with a thin strip of designer series paper (hard to see in the picture).  The tree is made from 4 squares of the Ski Slope Designer Series Paper, topped with 3 stars punched from metallic gold cardstock.  I replaced the cord with the felt ribbon from the Alpine Ribbon Originals.

1) Cut 4 squares from your designer series paper – 3"x3", 2.5"x2.5", 2"x2", 1.5"x1.5"
2) Each is folded the same way, and then adhered together to form the tree shape; I used a the flip side of the designer series paper for the trunk.
Step by step shots below for the basic fold…the first steps are basically scoring the paper.
step 1          step 2

 start with your square               fold in half, then unfold again

step 3                  step 4 
fold in half the other way, unfold        fold diagonally, unfold, then fold on

                                                           the other diagonal & unfold
step 5          step 6
fold in half with crease at top               poke in the side along crease lines
* if you are using patterned paper,     (bring the top fold down so it's vertical)
to make design symmetrical, have the
design run horizontally*
step 7           step 8
previous step finished                        repeat on other side
step 9          step 10    
bring the front right fold to the          repeat with the other side – DONE!
centre line & crease
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