CIAF-Group1-dec08-400  This is a pic of the Card Organizer Class Projects.  If you're like me, January brings a time to start fresh and arm yourself with a list of resolutions.  A perpetual place on my list has been granted to "Be More Organized"… hmm I guess that's not a good thing if the same item keeps showing up year after year?! lol.  Anyway – after this class we'll all have a place to keep cards plus a list for all those dates to remember and a few cards ready to send out.  Getting them into the mailbox may be another thing entirely….says she who is still sending out holiday greetings.  ahem.

Don't procrastinate any longer!  (another thing on my list) – register NOW for this class – deadline is Jan 7th, cost is $40, class date is Wednesday Jan 21st, 7pm.  January 7th is also the first stamping class – featuring all occasion cards (which of course, will fit into your card organizer…). 

Oh – and what do you think of the blog's new look?  I decided to spiffy it up a bit.  The photo is in my front yard, where one of the local bunnies took a shortcut!  Feel free to leave comments below or send me feedback directly.

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