Poppin-pastels I had a bit of an "aha" moment as Oprah would say…  this card features the poppin' pastels technique, a technique that I hadn't shown in a while when one of the club members mentioned they'd like to learn it.  DOH – just because _I_ am familiar with the technique, doesn't mean I've shown it to everyone, does it!! lol 

So this is the resultant card.  We inked the Pretty Petals background stamp with versamark ink and laid kraft cardstock onto it (so that we could be sure to get one of the butterflies on the cardstock!)  Then we used sponge daubers to dab pastels onto the image.  The pastels will "stick" to the versamark.  By using a "pouncing" motion (dabbing straight up & down) as opposed to a swirly or scrubbing motion, you can have less "scatter" of pastel.  Pouncing is good for larger images as it keeps your pastel applicator "drier" and your colours neater.  On the image we pounced, but on the word, there's more swirling so that you get a bit of a halo effect.  A dry swiffer cloth also removes stray pastel particles, and if you're _really_ particular about stray particles, you can always pull out the eraser included in every pastel package to rub away unwanted colour.  I don't mind a bit of halo effect, personally.  I've also been accused of being a lazy stamper….lol

I'll have Easter type samples coming up this week, in time for your Easter celebrations, so be sure to keep checking in!  My goal for April is to post to the blog every day….

Don't forget that you can still register for Stampin' Saturday…cost is $35 per person for 3 hours (or less, if you're a fast stamper!) of stamping fun, snacks, prizes and garage sale shopping!  Contact me to register or if you have questions, or check the classes & events page.

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