P1010925It's that time of year – carving the pumpkin, finding and/or creating the perfect costume….not eating all the Hallowe'en candy before October 31st…LOL.  A great time for photo taking, too!!

Found some sites for Hallowe'en photography tips HERE and HERE.  I like the reminder to be IN as many photos as possible – too often the photographer gets "left out" of the pics (speaking from experience).  This is often not discovered until said photographer is then trying to scrapbook the event/photos, and realizes that they have none of themselves.  I have a whack of pictures from our trip to Disneyland and I think I appear in two of them.

Another great tip – even if you're not thrilled with how you are appearing these days (and let's face it, we're usually our own worst critics) – it's still good to be in the photos.  One friend pointed out that up until a while ago, the only photos of her showed her hiding behind her hand.  Not very memorable for herself or for her family (nor very scrapbook-worthy LOL).

In the meantime, I share with you a photo from a few years ago.  Remember – even if your photo isn't technically perfect, it can still capture the moment and the memories!  I like to take photos in the same spot each year to show the changes and growth.  The little ghost here is definitely a bit bigger now!  All right – back to the jobs at hand….now where did I put the rest of that candy??!!

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