I was recently interviewed by Rosie Grover of the Hamilton Spectator newspaper for a column she does featuring local small businesses.  It was a fun interview (you can see it HERE) but I have to confess that the hours leading up to the interview weren't all fun….because…(further confessions)…I am a messy crafter.  Rosie's innocent "Let's meet in your studio" set off a wave of a cleaning frenzy my craft room has not seen in quite a while…  Since my in home classes are either held in other people's homes or in my dining room area (I really should call it the stamping room, since we don't always "dine" there…), my studio is for my personal use.  I create for the classes I conduct, but I also do my own scrapbooking, cardmaking and 3D projects.  (Thankfully Rosie wasn't interviewing me for the "What's on Your Desk" column she also writes.  That would have taken forever).

So…since I went to all that work, I had to take a photograph of the results.  And NO, I am not going to show the "before" shots.  Just pretend that my room always looks like this, okay?!


The decor element that is above my bookshelf that houses my stamp sets, my 12 x 12 cardstocks and various other "stuff" that I use for crafting.

Stamp-room The other side of the room with another shelving unit of "stuff" and an additional desk surface (Ikea, in case you were wondering).  Until I got it last year this side had a table with boxes underneath it…  My Big Shot and dies, markers and samples are housed here.  The surface that my ink pads are on is a laminate countertop set on two filing cabinets that house my 8.5 x 11 cardstock and business papers. 

There you go, a little sneak peek into my crafting studio.  It still looks like this… really, it does… 

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