Ninja This is my son's costume this year.  I love how easy it was….he wanted to be a ninja.  He already had the black "gi" from karate camp – yay!  I have started running & am preparing for running outside as long as possible so purchased a black running hat and a bandana / lower face scarf, and running gloves, all of which were worn by my son first! LOL.  We googled throwing stars, and created some from a cereal box (We used a Stampin' Up! punch for the centre of the stars!), covered in tin foil. We were both thrilled with how well the costume turned out!

Happy to say the costume is done and I think he'll be warm enough on Hallowe'en night here in Ontario… where we make sure the kids can wear layers under their costumes!! 

This was also a reminder to me about photo tips – look at the background – I would have preferred a more plain backdrop…I think the door handle/lock is a bit distracting (and now I'm drawing all of your attention to it LOL)… I also cropped off the bottom of the photo because our ratty door mat was NOT a good addition to the photo either!  While it's not a technically perfect photo, at the same time, it's preserving a memory, so it's still a good photo in my book!!!  Oh, and plus I get a "re-do"!!  This photo is from the other evening when my son was headed to a Hallowe'en party.  I can re-take this photo on the actual day and make sure I take into account the background and foreground of the photo!! 

Next step – scrapbook this!!  If you're looking for a way to get started in scrapbooking, consider joining the next edition of my Stampers & Scrappers Club – starting in January.  Start off the year creatively!!  More details on my events page – or contact me if you're ready to reserve your spot!

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