DSC_0072 I realized that we didn't have any pumpkin decoration for this weekend….so I stopped by the farmer's market and picked up these 3 little pumpkins which were all about the same size. 

I used my Big Shot and the Serif Essentials Alphabet Dies to cut the letters BOO from a white Decor Elements sheet.  Since the letters were small enough to manage easily (and since these are admittedly not permanent decorations!), I simply peeled the backing off the letters and stuck them onto the pumpkins (which I'd wiped down with a damp towel & dried). Normally, and especially with larger elements, I would use the transfer sheet to avoid getting my fingers all over the adhesive and lessen the tackiness, but hey, it's a quick holiday decoration.  It was a little fiddly since the surface is not flat, but I was happy with the result.  This literally took me about 5 minutes – not counting the time to purchase the pumpkins.  I think I took longer choosing the pumpkins than decorating them.  (and YES I took this photo myself; used my 50mm f1.4 Nikon lens.  I LOOOOOVE this lens and should use it more than I do).

Stampin' Up!'s Definitely Decorative catalogue features wonderful Decor Elements designs for your home or crafting projects.  I love the fact that I can buy the Decor Elements sheets, and with the help of my Big Shot, quickly create decorative elements for any occasion or surface!!!  You can see the online version of the catalogue HEREContact me if you have questions about how to use Decor Elements, or if you'd like a hard copy of the catalogue. 


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