My first race – done!

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My friend Amber & I completed our first race today – a 10km!  Amber had a lofty goal of finishing in under an hour.  I quite frankly, just wanted to finish….but was aiming for a time of 1 hour 5 minutes.  It was a cool day, windy at times, but we managed!  We've been doing 10-1 intervals – meaning 10 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking, repeatedly.  We started out rather fast, and did slow down near the end…well…I did at least LOL.  However, I finished faster than I'd hoped (not sure what the exact time was but it was under 1 hour 5 minutes – by a couple of minutes or so!) and Amber broke the hour mark.  It was a fun and great experience…though I did have a quick nap this afernoon LOL.

Here's some photos from the day – and thanks to my mom (aka "Grandma") and my son for coming to cheer me on – that's part of the reason for my big smile near the finish line – seeing D cheering for me!







Here we are, looking happy and excited at the start line…


























Approaching the finish line. "Upright and smiling" for sure!!
















The posed after shot 🙂

but I had to include the next shot because it makes me laugh – this is more what we really were like, I think!!!!















Amber's talking I think, but I'm just happy to still be upright – I think this was literally a minute or two after I crossed the line.  I think Amber's holding me up…ROFLOL.

Thanks for looking, just wanted to share this part of my running journey with you all.  Back to crafty stuff in the next post, promise!!