Well tonight it will be going away – don't forget to spring forward! (I must admit, this is not my favourite time of year, I quite enjoy the falling back).

So…my excuse for not having a new post up in the last few days is that I was busy recovering!!


My running buddy Amber & I just completed the Chilly Half Marathon!  It was not too bad a run, if I say so myself, though the weather wasn't fantastic.  Snow had fallen overnight, and roads getting to the race start point were icy.  The race route itself wasn't too icy, but definitely slushy in parts – ick.  Thank goodness for my wool socks!!

Interestingly enough, while this was a "big race", mentally for me it wasn't as big a deal as it might have been, as I was treating this (more or less) like a training run for the "big race" – which to me is the Around the Bay race in a couple of weeks.  It's a little further, and a lot hillier near the end! It was helpful not to get "psyched out".  Not sure what I'll do to keep myself from freaking out for the Around the Bay, though!

In the meantime now, I'm preparing for an upcoming workshop with a bunch of Big & Little Sisters (should be fun!) and Stampers and Scrappers Club.  There's still time to get free product – host a workshop, place an order or sign up as a demonstrator – until the end of March, Sale-a-Bration is still in effect!  Contact me if you have any questions.

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