All-in-family-father This is a cute card using the All in the Family stamp set.  I like the hand-drawn quality of the images that you piece together as you please.  I just "eyeballed" the assembly of the images, though if you are particular about your placement of body parts LOL you could use the Stamp-a-ma-jig to ensure everything is perfect.  Since it's a hand-drawn type image, I figure it's not SUPPOSED to be perfect…and as I always say, if the recipient criticizes the handmade card, THEY DON'T DESERVE IT!!! LOL. Globe-father's-day


Keeping in the black & white scheme, this is definitely a more mature set of images!  I thought the brass metallic eyelets were kind of "nautical" and went with the theme of the stamp set (it's called The Open Sea….not that you can tell from the images I selected for this card LOL).  Recent class attendees created this card, but we didn't have the sentiment on the front so it was able to be used for whatever occasion suited.  I often leave my cards blank and then stamp an appropriate sentiment when I need a card.

I've made it a mission to be sure to include at least one masculine-type card in each of my card classes, so if you're in need of more masculine cards in your card stash, consider attending one of my classes or hosting one in your own home!  Contact me for details.

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