20110701_IBC_en-CA(1) I had a conversation with one of my newer members of my demonstrator team that reminded me to make sure everyone knew about this link! This link takes you to the stampin' supply list for the Idea Book & Catalogue.  The projects are labelled by page number and project (I think in general it goes left to right, top to bottom….) and the list includes all the supplies required to re-create that project!  I find that when I know what's been used to make something, it's much easier for me to figure out how it was created.  Often, I won't identically re-create something anyway – but use the original project as an inspiration guide for my version.

Oh…and here's the Stampin' Supply list for the Summer Mini Catalogue.  Don't forget to grab your Mini Catalogue products before the end of August!!




Stampin' Supply list for Summer Mini Catalogue


Ready to shop? Online shopping is here!



Happy (re)creating!  If you need more help figuring out how to make one of the projects, please contact me!




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