129600SStampin' Up!'s FREE 30-day trial of My Digital Studio Express is now available! This is an ongoing offer so you can take advantage of it at any time! My Digital Studio Express software is a fully functional version of My Digital Studio, but has fewer included images and brushes.

How do you get it?
Go to my online store here and click on the My Digital Studio Express trial.  You will need to make a customer account if you haven't already ordered through me.  Once you've "purchased" the trial, you can download it from the downloads section of your account, and install it onto your computer.

What do you do once you try it and like it?
Once the 30-day free trial period is over, you can purchase the downloadable (My Digital Express) or disc version (My Digital Studio) of the software through my online store to continue using it. You'll simply open up the trial version you already have on your computer, and will be prompted to enter the product registration key you received after purchasing the software. (You'll receive this key via e-mail if you purchase the downloadable version, and you'll find it along with your shipped software if you purchase the disc version.)

Here's a hint – if you love MDS Express, and want all the great images, brushes and punches you would get in the full version of My Digital Studio right away, the fastest thing to do is:

1) Purchase MDS Express and then

2) Purchase the MDS Express Booster Pack

You'll end up with all the items that you would get in My Digital Studio (plus a few more) and it will all be downloadable and instantly available to you!! Of course, the option to purchase the full version of My Digital Studio is there as well, especially if you like to have disk versions of your software.

Want to try but want some guidance? Attend my FREE MDS101 Class THIS FRIDAY, February 3rd at 7pm here in Burlington ON. Registration required. Bring your laptop and I'll walk you through the download, installation and initial use of My Digital Studio Express!  Can't make it Friday? Contact me and I'll keep you in the loop. I plan on offering this class on a semi-regular basis and an online version is in the works! I love the ease of digital crafting and look forward to helping you discover how great it is!


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