Happy Leap Day!

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So this extra day has got me all confused….one extra day this month/year and I'm messed up! Anyway – you'll see a familiar post tomorrow if you stopped by earlier today…

Happy Leap Day to all of you – have you "leapt" into digital crafting yet? (I know, right now you are marvelling at my language skills)… Just a reminder that Stampin' Up! offers a 30 Day free trial of My Digital Studio Express – and to help my customers get started, I will send you a link to sign up for a series of free video tutorials on this fun program.  All you have to do is "purchase" the free trial HERE and once I get notification of your download, I'll send you the signup email for the tutorial program! As always, if you have any questions about this or any other Stampin' Up! product, feel free to contact me.