Undefined_bannerStampin’ Up! introduced another new line while we were at Convention 2013. This is a stamp carving kit – so that you can create your own custom stamp! I remember doing linoleum block carving in grade school (do I date myself by admitting to that??!!) and this is like a smaller, easier version of that project. We were able to carve our own stamps at convention – I actually did a name stamp (which I was told afterwards was a more advanced project to tackle…might have been good to know that ahead of time!!!). I thought that writing my name was easiest, since I wasn’t feeling very artistic at the time.



carved-stampsSo these are the results – mine is…obviously the one that says “Linda”….my friend Lydia is more artistic so drew a cat (I believe it’s a likeness of her cat named Splotchy…)

Did I mention that I actually won this kit as part of the “Prize Patrol”?! I got the complete kit, as well as some washi tape (looooove it) and some notecards and envelopes – so a complete little package ready for me to create something and send it off! The kit contains wood blocks, the carving tools, a stampin’ write marker, rubber and foam, plus a template (for ideas) and postcards.


I post this next picture as a warning. The suggestion is that you draw out your idea in pencil onto a piece of paper, then you flip the paper over onto the rubber, and transfer the image by rubbing on the back of the paper and then carve.  If, however, your image doesn’t transfer well, you may decide just to draw onto the rubber itself….but if you’re doing a word, you need to remember that the image you’re carving out should be in reverse….otherwise you’ll end up with….

whatnottodo THIS…..


LOL. My friend Dana’s artwork beside Lydia’s. The result is rather appropriate given what she was carving, don’t you think???


If you’re interested in the Undefined kit, check it out in my online Stampin’ Up! store – you can shop from the comfort of your own home, 24/7 and it will ship to your door, no matter where you are in Canada!!  If you go to the link, there’s also a video showing more about the kit itself.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!!

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