momsI was recently asked to prepare and submit some projects, for which I was inspired to do a scrapbook page featuring mothers. I went through my hard drive and photos, and found a photo of my mother and I (oh my goodness, look at my cheeks?!), and also a photo of my son and I (also the cute cheeks. and the diverted gaze because he’s watching something on TV, I’m pretty sure). I loved the symmetry in these shots and decided to use them on a page, which you’ll get to see in May (sorry, conditions of the project!!). It did strike me, though, that if I am surprised by the photos I find on my computer (and how hard I have to look to find what I want), that means there are many of my loved ones who have no idea that these images even exist. I read that due to digital photos, the current generation is the most photographed generation but likely to have no actual photographs in 10 years. This is fairly true for my son. I used to shoot on film, so had photos to share and frame, but these days, not so much… SO. This needs to change! GOAL: Photos printed, stories and names written down, and memories shared! I am going to be using the Project Life by Stampin’ Up! pocket pages and dedicating one hour a week to getting the photos out and the stories down. I figure that one hour is a do-able thing, and it is important.  Will you join in my crusade? Who will be strong and stand with me…? (first one in gets to wave the big red flag…sorry, too many Les Mis references?)

If you want to give it a go, I can use the support!! LOL. I’m having a Photo Organizing and Memory Keeping Class one week today, on Thursday, April 16th. There’s no charge for this brief event, but you do need to register via RSVP. I’ll share my results to date at that class, and you can see how easy this system can be.


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