booking-basket-image Did the “gift” word attract your eye? Read on to find out more!

First of all, Happy Long Weekend! I hope that you’ve been able to spend some time relaxing with friends and family. While I have had downtime with my family, at the same time, I’ve been working away at clearing out my craft room. It’s been long overdue. As I was going through items (a lot of which were in boxes), I realized that a number of these boxes were actually from when I moved house (a year ago….ahem). I think I unpacked the crucial items that I needed right away and a lot of things were left to “deal with later”. I found some tools and items that I had been wondering where they had gone….(Stamp-a-ma-jig sheets for example…) and am now working at putting things into proper homes. The upside is that I’m looking forward to eventually having an even more clear space to work in and a dedicated space for videos. Right now, I’ve been clearing off my working surface, shooting videos and then re-cluttering the surface as I worked on more projects, then repeating the process (which also might explain the slowness in producing videos of late?!).


The good news is that I’m making progress. The not so good news is that it’s going to take a little longer than I thought it would! LOL. However, the other good news is that I’ve found a LOT of items that I am able to include in my BOOKING BASKET. If you received my September newsletter, you might have noticed that I’m offering a BONUS for booking an in home cardmaking class in the next couple of months. Book a date before the end of October and you get a free pick at the basket. Well, right now, it’s actually a bin, there’s so much stuff. There’s stamp sets, cardstock, paper, tools….some current, some retired and no longer available…oh, there’s a Hallowe’en wreath kit…. SO. If you’re within driving distance of Burlington, contact me to book a date, and get a pick from the bin. You’ll receive your item at your party. If someone at your party books a party….you BOTH get a pick from the bin, which you’ll receive at that person’s party. Yay! Free stuff! I’m offering my cardmaking classes for $20 per person to make 4 cards (all supplies & envelopes included), but as always, the host is FREE and gets to keep the samples. New this fall at in home events (only) – each paying class attendee will receive a coupon for a partial rebate on their class fee if they place a qualifying order at the event. What are you waiting for??!!

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