Quick Set Up Video – Love Today Planner Kit

A quick video on setting up the Love Today Planner Kit (with an actual appearance from me….at a funny angle….because I couldn’t be bothered to change the location of my tripod so I just kind of turned the camera and leaned into the frame…and because it’s a holiday Monday and that’s about the most effort I could make today….hahaha!)

The video shows you the completed set up for a month – I suggest you 1) Unpackage your pages 2) Sort like with like pages: Labeled Month pages, blank Month pages, Weekly Sheets, Weekly Sheets with Lined Backing 3) Assemble like in the video!

EDITED TO ADD – sorry, I know when I said quick, I didn’t mention that I was speaking quickly as well!! If you like, you can visit the video on the YamStamps YouTube Channel  and turn on the captions….

Hope that helps, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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