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Back to Class! This is a first first day and last first day photo that I shared on Facebook and Instagram earlier in the week. I printed a photo from my son’s first day of school (well, first day of Senior Kindergarten in the school system…) and then had him pose with it this week as he went to high school for his last first day of school (well, for the public school system….and for the “official” count….and there’s always potential there could be a ‘victory lap’). I didn’t think this one up myself – I have seen other versions of it, but loved it – so remembered it for this year. My son & I talk about trying to go back to the school where the photo was taken so he can stand in the same spot – which we may still do. It’s amazing to think of all the growth that has happened over the years.

I may turn this into a scrapbook page that I will frame….or I may just let it be a stand alone picture. Or maybe both. It makes me a little sentimental looking at it! Anyway, I hope that when you have a senior high school student, you may do something like this just to have a comparison at back to school/back to class time.

While I don’t have pictures, a lot of students also came back to class this past week after taking a few months off in the summer. It was nice to have some familiar faces rejoin us in the Monthly Card Class for September. We always have a fun time. The class has two time options – 1pm and 7pm, so if you’re able to make it to Burlington, please register to join in! The fee is $20 and includes all supplies required to complete the cards. You’ll leave class with four different handmade cards, complete with envelopes – ready to send to someone special. We have a range of ages and experience in the class – from moms grabbing a little “me” time, to retirees getting a creative social time together, from those who are trying stamping for the first time to experienced paper crafters.

One other option if you’re looking to learn some techniques and get some “me” / crafting time into your day is to join the Stampers Club. Much like the Card Class, we make 4 different cards and all the supplies are prepped and ready for you to make your masterpieces. Instead of paying a class fee, though, members place a $33 order each monthly club session during their 6 month club membership. At one of the sessions, they’ll also get to spend the Stampin’ Rewards earned from that month’s orders (minimum $20 free product). The club runs monthly, year round, and new members can start their 6 month cycle at any club session. Some of the club members use this as a way to metre out their spending and some other members use it primarily as a social/crafting outlet. Whatever the reason, the result is the same – a great stash of handmade cards, free crafting product, and lifelong learning! Please contact me to join, or ask about the online option!

In addition to these regular classes, there are “special” classes – for example, right now, the Christmas Card Classes (see more about the upcoming September class here – and register by Monday if you’d like to join us!). There’s also the custom, private class option – get a group of friends together, and we’ll have a class just for you!

If you’d like to come back to class, or come to class for the first time – please check out the YamStamps Events Page for upcoming dates, and then contact me to register or to book a date for a private class!

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