Wallpaper Craft – Use Those Remnants!

yamstamps wallpaper card

I was recently asked to participate in a fun project for the Wayfair blog – making a wallpaper craft! The idea was to showcase how to use leftover remnants of wallpaper. I got to pick whatever wallpaper I liked from the online store (that was a chore in itself, narrowing it down!) and then use it to create or re-create a craft project.

This is the project that was shared on the Wayfair blog. – I did a version of the metallic birthday card with remnants of the wallpaper, plus made an envelope. I was pleased at how easy the wallpaper was to work with – I was worried it either wouldn’t cooperate or would crack or not fold as I wanted, but it is wallPAPER after all…. The wallpaper featured in this is Silver Shimmer – it’s a heavier, almost fabric-like feel. Okay, maybe not fabric. Lightweight pleather?? Anyway – it cut and scored easily enough for me to use the Envelope Punch Board to create the envelope. I added portions of it behind the Year of Cheer Specialty Designer Series Paper rather than the Silver Foil I used on the original card. The one caution – it will add some heft to your project, so you may end up paying a bit more postage to send it – depending on how much wallpaper you use. The Silver Shimmer wallpaper is as advertised – it has silver tones and it does shimmer, so the whole package together is WOW. This is a wallpaper craft project that will have you wanting to have surplus wallpaper so you can make multiples!

yamstamps wallpaper card 2

This is a variation on the theme – showing off the wallpaper a bit more. Love the texture it gives. I used Tear & Tape to adhere the wallpaper to the project (and to adhere the other layers to the wallpaper) – just to ensure it was really “stuck”. I find the Tear & Tape very good for 3D projects or things with a bit more texture or heft. The Multipurpose Liquid Glue would likely work well for a wallpaper craft….but I don’t always work well with liquid adhesives, being the slightly messy crafter that I am….

Here’s a better look at the wallpaper envelope.

You can see the score line, and the corner rounder on the Envelope Punch Board worked with the wallpaper as well!

So thank you to Sarah at Wayfair for inviting me to participate in this really fun project. I still have some wallpaper here….so you may very well see it pop up again in future projects. Or maybe I’ll actually use some on a wall…..(who am I kidding….wallpaper crafting for the win!). What’s the most recent non-crafting item that you’ve used in your crafts lately?? My enquiring mind wants to know…

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