Celebrating a decade!

DemoLP_CA10yr_Apr2012_CAThis is so cool! A timeline of Stampin' Up! in Canada.

<– and this is me – I was one of the first 94 Canadian demos in April 2002!

This has been a fantastic, fun choice that I made a decade ago. Initially, I intended only to purchase my own crafting items and perhaps help a few friends with their craft supply needs…. but then word got out that I was doing Stampin' Up! (at the time, I was the ONLY person in my neck of the woods in British Columbia to do so)… I started to do workshops for friends and people who became friends, had some friends sign up as demonstrators and then I moved my business across the country! I returned to Ontario, where I'd grown up, to be closer to family, and found that my Stampin' Up! business was easily transportable.  Here I stay, and now looking forward to celebrating 10 years of my business and 10 years of Stampin' Up! Canada.

Thank you for being part of my business over the past decade! I guess I'll have to find some special way to celebrate the exact day….hmmmmm….

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