I love Washi Tape for use on my paper crafting projects and in my organizer…but I also like to know what “set” it’s from – handy when I’m doing the class supply list! I use an open bin to store my washi and ribbons, but when the retired list came out or I was searching for an accent for a card, it was frustrating to figure out what set the tape came from, or if it was still available! (I told you, the quest to be organized is an ongoing one in my life, and often only small areas achieve it at any given time!!). So for Manic Monday, here’s my quick organizing tip for Washi Tape.

washi tape org

My solution (for now) – I used a piece of ribbon (retired) to keep all the washi together from one set, and stuck the label from the end of the tape roll to one end of the ribbon (it still had sticky left on it). This way, I can tell at a glance what tapes came together, and what set they’re from. I can go to the catalogue and easily look up what colours are in the tapes if I need/want. I can still store them in the open bin, too!

Hope this helps you, as well. If you have any organizing tips or problems, please share via the comments or email! I’m always looking for ideas…

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