Travel-mug  Hard to get a good shot of a cylindrical object…  Anyway, this is one of the projects that might have been hard to see on the TV spot the other day.  I have a collection of travel mugs – and I drink from them all the time, even at home, as I tend to wander around the house with my tea in hand.  This way, if I put my drink down and walk away, when I come back (if I can remember where I left the mug…) the tea is still drinkable.  This mug came from one of my fave coffee shops (think circular green logo and killer chai lattes LOL) and has a liner that you can replace.  I created an 8.5" x 11" layout in My Digital Studio and printed it on regular text weight paper.  I then used the original liner as a template for cutting.  I was able to include features like staples and a tag with ribbon, but because they're all digital elements, the insert fits easily inside the narrow opening with no bulk.  As you can tell, this insert is for Father's Day, but you can easily change the insert to suit the season / holiday / latest brag photo of family members.

If you're weeping over some of your favourite Stampin' Up! colours being retired, My Digital Studio is one way to ALWAYS have access to them!  You'll be able to use designer papers, elements and accessories in those favourite colours without fear of running out of stock!  Contact me for more information about My Digital Studio, or place your order online HERE.

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