So my appearance on FYI was postponed and it will be tonight at 6:25 pm! I thought I had managed to reschedule the blog posting, but apparently I had some technical difficulties and it appeared on the original date. Oops.  Anyway, the spot I did on "FYI" for Cogeco cable TV – channel 23 in the Burlington/Oakville/Flamborough East area will be aired today.  If you're outside of the viewing area, here's the link to video. (it's also embedded below, if I did it correctly?!). They wanted to feature the free content available here on! The team at FYI were great to work with and did a fantastic job of editing – I had to cough during the interview and they were able to get rid of almost all of the coughs!  (Note to self: remember to use inhaler just before taping next time!!! LOL).  Thanks to Jessica and the Cogeco team for having me on the show!


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