I am so fortunate to continue to have the opportunity to appear on CHCH Morning Live. The anchors and crew are so much fun and really put me at ease. This past Friday was no exception! I was invited to share some Valentine’s Day projects for loved ones. I created cards for friends and family and projects to share with special people. If you watch the video, you’ll see a photo card I’ll be sending to my friend in England that I was able to visit over the holidays, and a fun coffee pod holder that I’d shared on Instagram earlier. See if you can spot the difference between the one on Instagram and how it appeared on air… ooops. Sometimes things get rearranged in transit, what can I say….

Here’s the video. If you don’t see it embedded below, please click here to visit the post on www.yamstamps.com or see it on the YamStamps YouTube channel here. Click here to get the Folded Heart Instruction Sheet

Check back this week – I’ll be posting photos of the projects I took to the studio!!

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