YamStamps Clever Cards Online Class - 5 designs to take your cardmaking to the next level!LAUNCHING TODAY! The latest YamStamps online class! Clever Cards shows you five different card patterns that you can use in your crafting. If you feel the need to step up your cardmaking, or want to move on from making simple cards to simply amazing cards, this is the class for you! The class covers how to create these cards: Double Z Fold, Curved Strips, Secret Message, Rotating Image and Twisting Pop Up. Each card has a photo, at least one video showing the construction & decoration of the card, supply list (featuring Stampin’ Up! supplies), and written, downloadable instructions. Lifetime access means you can return to class materials over and over again, when you need them. Online class means as long as you have internet access, you can watch and learn wherever you are, whenever you have the time! You can find out more information about this class, and register HERE. To see more about some of the other online classes that I have available, you can visit the YamStampsMore page.

I can promise that THIS will not happen in class videos….

because this was edited out! I think editing out my goof ups and slip of the lips took longer than anything else….

I hope that you will join me in this online class. I enjoy clean and simple cardmaking, but sometimes, by changing up a few folds and adding some elements, you can turn a simply stamped card into something even more impressive! These are the cards that will impress the friends and family who don’t usually appreciate your handmade cards as much as they should…..I’m sure we all know a few of those people, don’t we?! LOL. If you’re a auditory or visual person (like me), you’ll appreciate the video to listen to and watch what’s going on. If you’re a reader, the written instructions will come in handy (plus they’re downloadable so you can print them out to refresh your memory as you are making your own versions!

Anyway! I am already at work at the next online class focusing on watercolouring on cards. I’ll have to come up with some snappy name for that I guess. Suggestions welcome 🙂

In the meantime, I am working on a few last minute Valentine’s Day giftables (did you catch any of my segments on Cogeco TV’s Halton Insider last week?! Lots of little crafty ideas there!) Hey – you could purchase the Clever Cards online class and whip up one of the fancy cards in time to give to someone tomorrow?! Happy Crafting.

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