Blendabilities Vases

blendabilities-vasesMy taste in cards tends to run toward the clean and simple end of things – at least when I’m MAKING them! LOL I do appreciate the over the top works of artistry, but for me, I often end up at the other end of the spectrum. Here’s a perfect example…

This was a sample for the Blendabilities Class I held a while back – I wanted the image and colouring to be the focus of the card – hence a simple backdrop without a lot of distractions. I love how the Blendabilities…blend! No streaky lines, lots of colour coordination… Don’t get me wrong, I also love my Copics – but Stampin’ Up! Blendabilities come in sets of 3 – light, medium and dark tones of the same colour, so I don’t have to think about what markers might blend together well. *phew* This Vivid Vases image did take a little longer to colour because of the number of vases and flowers…but colouring can be very zen and relaxing. I did a bit of a “cheat” on these images – the highlight on the vase (you can see this quite well on the second vase from the left) was created after the fact by using the Colour Lifter, which just pushes some of the colour out of the way to create that little highlight.

If you missed out on the first Blendabilities Class, have no fear – I am going to offer more classes! The next one is scheduled for November 12th – and this time I will be specifying which markers will be included in the class price. If you already have these markers, you can substitute other colours on your wish list, and then just bring the specific Blendabilities with you to class that night. There’s always more to learn and practice time is important!! Sign ups will start end of the week, and I’ll post more information at that time.

LAST but not least – there’s still a couple of spots available for both the Hallowe’en Wreath Class AND the FREE Paper Pumpkin Introduction Class October 16th – so contact me to register ASAP!!

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