First of all, I apologize for the bit of radio silence last week – I was busy stressing out about my upcoming run!! I did the Around the Bay race once again this past weekend – it’s been a couple of years since I last ran it so I had a few more pre-race nerves than I expected, but I also learned to go in with few expectations other than to finish!

Here’s a group of us pre-run (look how happy we are….I didn’t smile as much until I finished LOL)


If you can’t tell, it was a little chilly that day…though running 30 km does tend to warm you up a little bit… I am glad to say that I did finish, and actually did my fastest time yet in that race (surprised me!!). I am very thankful for my friends who encouraged me, pushed me and supported me through our training! (oh, and of course to my family who put up with me moaning and groaning aftewards LOL).

Tomorrow the YamStamps newsletter will be going out to subscribers, with the latest group of paper crafting ideas and projects, and a first peek at a time sensitive contest. I’ll post about it on the blog here after that! Be sure to be subscribed to get the scoop!


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